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Friday, December 24, 2010

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It's been a while since I updated this blog. Six months to be exact. So what have I been up to at the poker tables during that time? Well, the usual - bouncing around, trying different things. I did get sick of Rush poker, both cash games and tournies. I found that poker in the Rush format just became robotic and boring because you couldn't really get to know your opponents in the same way. I decided to give Limit Holdem a try for a while, so I did some reading, played some micro stakes, and it nearly caused me to slit my own throat. I was playing .10-.20 LHE and just got slaughtered. No matter how much I read about the game and thought I had a good handle on it in theory, I just couldn't figure it out in practice. There are only so many times you can lose to someone calling a raise with J7o, a bet on the flop and turn with 3rd pair, and then rivering two-pair, before you just want to jump off a building.

So then I decided I would go back to good old fashioned non-Rush cash NLHE, starting back at .02-.05 to get back in the swing of things. But after a few thousand hands I just couldn't keep it up. I have come to the conclusion that trying to make money grinding micro stakes NLHE is a lost cause if you don't have the time (or multi-tabling skills) to play a high enough volume.

And that brings me up to the present. What am I playing now? I've gone back to my first love, and my most reliable source of profit: the turbo MTT SnGs on Stars. Mostly the $1.10 45's with some $2.20 180's thrown in. Doing well, too. I play somewhere between 15 and 20 of these per week and over the past couple of weeks I've grown my Stars backroll from ~$180 to ~$215.

So now I'm going to set some new goals for myself with these tournies, but I'm going to focus on general bankroll goals as opposed to specific skill goals.

Goal 1: Play $1.10's and $2.20's until my Stars roll reaches $300.
Goal 2: Move up to the $3.25 45's
Goal 3: Finally start making some money playing poker!